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Helping Kids Stay on Track During COVID19 closures

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Maintaining a weekly schedule similar to what your kiddos had while in school will benefit both them and you during this period of school closures. Having a set bed/awake time and daily routine helps kids maintain the rhythm of the school year, which means transitioning back to school will likely be less challenging. Think about the preparation you go through every August to get your kids back into school mode come September.

A flexible learning schedule can help prevent cabin fever while practicing social distancing at home. Try not to make things overly complicated so to reduce the stress for both yourself and your child. Below you will find some examples to help create a learning plan at home. Remember to keep things experiential and provide movement time! Your jobs isn't to replace or replicate school, but to encourage and foster learning opportunities while they are away from the classroom.

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