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Fill Your Cup

Interactive Activity

It's important to remind ourselves of the things that help us feel positive, confident, and loved.  Sometimes when we run into challenging tasks, people, or event, we can forget what makes each of us special and worthy.  Our cups start to feel empty.  When our cups are empty, it's harder to deal with life's downs, or that person who really likes to push our buttons, or to put in that extra amount of effort we're used to.  That's why it's important that we find the things that help fill our cups.  To remind us of the ways to take care of ourselves or to reset those emotions--to give ourselves a much needed boost.  Use this activity to drag and drop the objects that help fill your cup.  Step 1: click on "file" and "make a copy" to save the activity on your computer. Step 2: move the objects into the glass or add your own!

Practicing Gratitude

When times get stressful, I sometimes gets lost in all the things that aren't going well.  When I notice I'm a bit grumpy or I get stuck in negative thinking, I know its time to change the channel and look for things I am grateful for.  One of the things I'm most grateful for is sunny days! What are 3 things you can be grateful for?  Take time each day before bed or maybe at dinner time to share the things you are grateful for.

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Quick Bedtime Tip

Do you ever have trouble settling down to get to sleep? Maybe you have lots of worries or extra wiggles at bedtime? I've got a trick you can try to help get your body ready for bed.

  1. First, get settled into bed so you're comfy, cozy

  2. Imagine your bed is a cloud (it helps if you close your eyes)

  3. Next, take a sloooow, deeep breath

  4. Then, as you breathe out slowly, imagine you're sink a little into your cloud.  Notice how as your belly starts to relax--you sink a little deeper into your cloud, feeling its softness around you.

  5. Repeat the breaths 2-3 times, sinking a little more each time

If you practice this trick a few times it gets easier and can help you fall asleep faster.

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